Linking List with Document Library and creating a combined view

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We have a regular committee with agenda topics and accompanying files (slides, excels, ..).


I have now created a list of topics with date, type, results, presenter etc. and a document library with a lookup-column to the topics. So each document belongs to one topic, but a topic can have zero, one or many documents. From the modelling point of view this fits. Attachments to list items would not suffice, because I also want to manage the document library as such (sync, alerts, filter etc...)


I now need a proper, user friendly view that shows all at once. For example:

GroupBy Date, then GroupBy Topic, then all documents (if any).


The problem is that I dont know how to show the many documents that belong to a list item in a view. Is there a way?


The other (workaround) idea is to provide a link (per item) to a preconfigured view (of the document library) that has all documents that belong to this item.


I am relatively new to sharepoint, so bear with me if this is a stupid question or one that has been asked many times before.


Thanks, Sebastian.

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Hello @Sebastian8008 


have you tried to use WebPart connections?


See here for more information:


I think the chapter Filter a list based on a selection in another list or library can help in your scenario.


Regards, Dave

@David Mehr Perfect, made my day!


Thanks a lot !!!