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Hello - we've created a knowledge base using a SP library and the SP term store so that all of the columns are using managed metadata.  My thought is to use this document library for all final files that are curated and uploaded to the KM document library.  The original file would remain in the author's files (OneDrive or SharePoint).  The other option I suppose is to use a list and link to the document wherever it's stored by the author, however then we can encounter issues with files that have been moved or people that have left the company.  


What is the best practice here?  Managing final files in a managed document library as our Knowledge Base, or using a List and linking to files across the org wherever they may be?


Thoughts? I could use a few more opinions as the only KM person in my org.  THANK YOU

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Hello @MarianneMoore 


i prefer this 2 variants:

1) All curated documents are in one central library. Authors will be create documents in his own store (SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive) and will be upload it to this library (like your example)


2) All documents will be created and stored in the same library, with versioning, only authors can see the drafts (as add topic, you can create two different libraries with a publishing, as example also as PDF possible)


I will not recommend a central library with links, the permission will be a pain.


Hope this helps. 


Regards, Dave 

Thanks for the second opinion David! I prefer option #1 - it's cleaner to me because of the curation.


Do you have a guide or something to accomplish something like that on SPonline?

I am trying to create the KB for my company and IDK the best way to go about KB articles.