Issues saving to SharePoint lists in grid view

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I've been trying to make changes to some SharePoint lists in grid view. The changes to a particular list item will only save if I click into another list item after I have made the changes. Saving via forms is fine. I've cleared my cache and tried in different browsers but the issue still persists. Does anyone know what this issue could be related to? I'm using SP Modern.


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@kathughes that is normal behaviour. You need to click into another item in the list when in grid view in order to save any changes from the item you were in.


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The grid view is a complete mess, IMHO.  I've been working with SharePoint since 2002 and the ActiveX grid editor was far superior to this JavaScript mess.


Here's my most recent issue.  Have a choice column with four choices.  Change the choices from four to two.  Try and use the grid editor to update all the entries.  Unfortunately it has values cached and it won't recognize the new values in the choice listing.  Finally have to open an InPrivate session and edit in grid view there.  Come back to my original browser and refresh and it shows the changes.  However, if I edit in grid view once again, it STILL HAS THE OLD VALUES CACHED and I cannot select the new valid values.

This is only one issue that I encounter frequently.  Another is trying to paste values into the grid from Excel.  If you have a date column...good luck.  The date columns used to work flawlessly and they would do all kinds of magic when you manually entered or pasted dates.  Now I'm forced to use a mouse to select from a date picker.  Ick.


Used to be you could paste LOTS of stuff into a grid.  Hah!  Can't do that anymore.


I've given up entering tickets because the client side JS stuff doesn't seem to be able to hack doing serious work.  "Working as expected..."  A result of lowered expectations.


Sorry for the rant, but as someone who been around the block and has seen a lot, I see a lot of the same mistakes being made over and over and over and over and over...again.  Forget feature parity.