Issue with newly created links not working

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I am trying to add new links to my SharePoint online homepage. The links are to pages within the same SharePoint site. I have tried adding them from an image, a button, and even with the quick links web part. At first, the link is added correctly. Then, once I refresh the page, the link disappears. This happens with all of the web part types that I have tried. It is important to state that older links that were created before today seem to work correctly.


Any clue as to what may be going on?


This is a recording of what happens when I try to add a link to an image. 

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You've saved your draft, and when you test, it works. But for the end user, you need to Republish your page (button on right near top). Then they will see the change you made.

@cwitzke Thanks for your input. The issue happens to administrators too. The video I sent is for an administrator account. Previously, I could save my links and test them as an administrator before publishing. I will try publishing first, but I would like to test my links before.

@cwitzke This additional recording includes the publishing steps for links on buttons. The same thing happens. The links disappear after refreshing the page even after the changes have been published. 


Test after publishing 

@katiaacosta Are you adding link to live SharePoint page (make sure page is not deleted/renamed/moved which might change page URL)? 

Also, try:

  1. Using simple URL like and testing if it works
  2. Try creating a new page in same site as well as different site in same tenant and test there to see if the problem is with this single page/site/tenant.
  3. Try clearing browser cache & cookies after adding the link and saving the page. 

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Hi. I tried all 3 indicated above, but they did not work.

I did find the solution, however. The web parts do not seem to accept or work well with the "httpS" in the URL address. Once I removed the "S" in the URLs and left only "http", it is working correctly.