Is it possible to create multiple document libraries under one page?

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For our company, we have created groups for each of our departments. Under our Marketing group, we are looking to create brand pages for each of the brands we are working on, with document libraries of a variety of files for each. 


For instance, say our brand is Meta. Under the Meta page, we want multiple document libraries that display files. Lets say Meta is broken down into three parts, so we need 3 separate document libraries under the Meta page so help our employees find files. 


The issue is that when we create three different document libraries, it allows us to rename them into the three parts, however when we try to change the names of the actual folders in each of the document libraries, it changes the name of ALL the document files in each of the 3 libraries. It is cloning the folder names. 


My question is this: Is it possible to have three different document libraries under a page, with different folders and files in each, or is it only possible to set up one document library?


Thank you for the help all! 

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@michaelsmerker Yes, it is possible. Follow below steps:

  1. Create 3 different document libraries in your site. Follow, Create a document library in SharePoint 
  2. Edit your SharePoint page (existing page or create new one) to add document library web part. Follow, Using web parts on SharePoint pages 
  3. Add a document library web part & select your document library in web part settings. Repeat this step for all three libraries. Follow, Use the Document Library web part 

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