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Hi all,


Using the Image Gallery webpart, the title of the picture doesn't display in the thumbnail? I have to click on the image to get the title and caption?


Is there anyway to display the title on the thumbnail so people know what the image is without having to click on it first?

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Hi @DaithiG

See article here

See step 6 for Add Text Over Image. Tested it this morning in a site and the text shows over the image.

Let me know how you get on? Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard thanks for taking the time to look at this.

This works fine for the Image web part. However the Image *Gallery* web part needs to the user to click in to get the title. Seems an odd design choice.

Got it - edit the web part and change the layout to Carousel - this seems to do it. Although it doesn't seem to do it for the Brick and Grid layouts without - as you say - clicking into the image.

So yes, odd design choice. Could possibly raise a uservoice here in order to add the display of the title on the image for the brick and grid layouts

Hope that has helped!

Best, Chris
I have the same issue here (4 years later) and still the image names will not show up when using Image Gallery Web Part in grid mode. I'm wondering if there's other ideas on how to accomplish this without having to install a third-party app? Is there a code snippet somewhere I could apply (somehow)? I agree this is a design issue for sure, I'm surprised this thread started in 2019 and 4 years later I'm having the same problem.

This is unbelievably terrible design. I can't believe you couldn't add captions to image thumbnails in a gallery and FOUR YEARS LATER you STILL can't. Using the "Carousel" option is not a solution. It only shows one image at a time, so it defeats the purpose of a thumbnail gallery.

@MelDav  Wow yeah I'm surprised at the limited capabilty of the Imagae Gallery. It would be nice if 

1. We could have our users upload their own images - the only way I can think to do it is to have the library be dynamic and give them a link to put their photos in - but then there are no image captions. If we use the select image you can add a caption that shows when the image is clicked on but there is no easy way for users to add images! Yipes terrible U/I!

2. Have the captions show in the Dynamic mode using the file name at least. That shouldn't be too difficult. 


Sheesh I just wanted to make a fun share site for company pets and its become a Sharepoint how to lol


@Christine_Cannavo for what you want to do the image gallery is not the right tool and there are better options available. For example you could have your users add a photo to a list in Lists and format it with a gallery view:



Or, as we do in our company, have a community in Viva Engage (formerly Yammer) for them to upload their photos, and add descriptions etc:




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@Rob_Elliott thank you for the tips! I will check out those options : ) I just want it to be easy and not require a lot of explaination! 

@Christine_Cannavo Lists is very easy and so so is Viva Engage, but you've got to be prepared to learn stuff!

I love to learn stuff @Rob_Elliott I even found a cool video :) 

How to create an image gallery in SharePoint using List Column Formatting - Microsoft Community Hub


UPDATE: Already implemented! Thank you. I couldn't decide so I added both . Viva can be interactive and updates. 

@DaithiG You've brought up an issue with the Image Gallery Web Part in SharePoint not displaying image titles or captions on the thumbnail previews when using grid or list layouts. This limitation seems to be a design choice by Microsoft, likely due to space constraints or formatting challenges on those particular layouts.


However, I understand the frustration it causes, as having captions visible on thumbnails provides important context and improves the overall user experience. To address this, I would recommend exploring alternative approaches that can better meet your requirements. One option would be to create a custom gallery experience using a SharePoint List.


By leveraging column formatting techniques, we can design a visually appealing gallery layout that displays both the images and their corresponding captions or metadata. Another avenue worth considering is Viva Engage.


This platform is designed for community engagement and can serve as an excellent space for users to share and discuss photos, with the ability to add rich descriptions and context. Viva Engage's interactive nature may align well with your goals for this particular use case. While the Image Gallery Web Part may have its limitations, SharePoint offers flexibility through its various components and integrations.


I'll work closely with you to identify the most suitable solution, whether it's a customized List view, Viva Engage, or exploring additional third-party web parts or solutions that can provide the desired functionality.

@BarryGoblon  The solution I implemented works, but its not ideal. You can't zoom in on the photos or view them in a slideshow with captions. I would think Microsoft can make an improved web gallery that is much easier to implement and for users to use. Think Instagram ; ) 

@Christine_Cannavo Thank for giving it try. I don't want to waste time on something that's just a "mitigation". Our site is locked down so we don't have the option to use Viva Engage or any third-party options.



Mind you this was just a bit of fun at our company. This is what the final result was. We put it in one of the Sharepoint site sections. It got the job done easy with captions but no zoom in at all.