Ignore Custom Properties in file when uploading to Document Library

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I have a SharePoint Document Library that has OOTB metadata types.


I have a folder on a file server that I have copied into this Document Library.


Most of the files in this folder had custom Properties attached to them EX:


These files custom properties are sticking with the file when they are uploaded into the document library. I want my Document Library to ignore all these custom properties when a file is uploaded to the document library.


This issue was noticed when a user changed the title column on a document, downloadend it, edits to the file content, and the re-uploaded with the same name to "Replace" the document. After clicking replace, the file was saved and title column was set back to the title in the custom properties of the document.


There are 100,000+ files in this library. I cannot do this change one-by-one.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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Hello @CamCov 


this is a standard SharePoint procedure, it cannot be switched off.


You need to go to document properties and delete them manually from the document. If you would like that automatic you need to use Power Automate or other development.


Best, Dave

What action step in power automate clears these properties?