HowTo Share Calendar List to Outlook in Cloud browser doesnt sync

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I am trying to get a Sharepoint Calendar (M365 List in Site Contents) that seems to work splendidly w Outlook Desktop Application on local device ...

But the same account when viewing outlook calendars online (in any browser) has a majorly flawed experience:

1. do not have the calendar like they do in outlook on desktop

2. cannot get any updates to reflect after importing the .ics file

3. cannot use the connect to outlook feature in the web to add calendar on the web.

4. the Share in the sharepoint ribbon does not send the invite unless you are a Admin or Member

why does it show then for read only access users if it doesnt work ...


Please share thoughts how to simply share a calendar tenant-wide so all can see it on all devices mobile app / desktop application / and online in browser .. Read-Only and maintain sync


.. youd think this would be a pretty business requirement cornerstone...

please help what am I missing

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