How to show list pre-filtered on a page?

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I am creating a Sharepoint site where each customer has their own page (information like salespeople, managers, etc.). There will be a database of all events hosted (for all customers). One column on the list contains a lookup value that links to the customer's page (with the title page). On the customer's page, I want to display the Events list but have it pre-filtered to only show data only for that customer. I would like this to be dynamic based off of the title of the page.


The customer page contains the following parameter data:

  • Title (Customer Name)
  • Salesperson
  • ...

The list contains the following columns:

  • Event Name
  • Date
  • Customer Name (cross-referenced/lookup column to pages)


I would like to show the list entries for a customer on their page, based on the Customer Name/Title of the page. I have been using the list feature, but seems to be fairly limited. I would also like to have it so that when you click on an event/list entry, it opens up the properties (such as when using the Lists + Lists Permissions web parts).

Is this possible?

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You are right, the kind of customization you need cannot be done with current lists and list webpart implementations. Your customization options depends on creating views and applying custmo formatting

Thanks @Juan Carlos González Martín. Do you know of any tutorials that explain this? Would I need to use PowerApps?