How to show heart through list formatting

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Hi All,

I am trying to show heart through the list formatting. Something similar to the common fun raising graphic most people use, they typical use a thermometer graphic, and as more money is received, the red moves closer to the highest peak. For them, they just want to use a heart instead of a thermometer. I want to add total volunteer hours and used hours option as a field, graph will change according to these 2 field values. Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks, PC

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@Pooja130 this would need to be done with JSON column formatting. There are lots of solutions on github here but none of them seem to do what you want. and my hundreds of column formats in use don't do the same thing either. When I get a chance I'll see if I can manipulate the JSON to achieve this, although someone else will probably step in with a solution first.


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@Rob_Elliott Thank you Rob, I really appreciate your help! Please update me whenever you get a chance to work on it.
Thanks, Pooja
@rob_Elliot Hi Rob, just checking if you get a chance to look into it?
Thanks, Pooja