How to Move store data from one column to another column in a sharepoint list

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I created a SharePoint List that has 350 entries. Two columns in particular in this SharePoint are "Clean Date" and "Previous Clean Date". I created a PowerApps that requires a user to create an entry that stores a new date in the clean date column depending on what row was selected. What i am tryin to do is store whatever data was in clean date before the user entry , into previous clean date so that we we can still have a   record of the last date. and can see the newest date (which will be stored in the clean date column now). Is this possible to do via code or maybe power automate? I am having difficulty doing this. 






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Create another column called 'Clean Date Duplicate' . Use Power automate flow. If 'Clean date' is not equal to 'Clean Date Duplicate' do the following steps.
Step1: Write value 'Clean Date Duplicate' to 'Previous Clean Date' on every submission
Step2: Write value 'Clean Date' to 'Clean Date Duplicate'

You may need to tinker with conditions but something like this should workout for you. Good luck!