How to Migrate Enterprise Wiki Attachments to SPOL with SP Migration Tool

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We are trying to migrate our enterprise wiki from Sharepoint 2013 (?) on premise server to SharePoint online. Specifically we are not looking to migrate the aspx wiki pages, but rather the documents that are linked in each of the pages (the wiki pages were set up to contain links to PDFs, Word docs etc).


We just want to migrate all of these files that were referenced in the wiki pages themselves. I noticed that the documents were all stored in folders (1 folder for each wiki page) in the PublishingImages library (viewable via url like http://portalname/PublishingImages/Forms/AllItems.aspx)


I can't figure out how to access this specific library in the SPMT (I have the latest version). When I try to enter the source URL (ie) http://portalname/PublishingImages  as the source site, the tool changes the url to http://portalname and then has a dropdown for "content you want to migrate" and I don't see the PublishingImages library listed at all. I tried selecting Site Assets, Site Collection images, etc. I even tried selecting Migrate all lists, libraries, pages and web parts but it failed with some of the scripts. 


Any ideas or what am I missing?

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