How to hide title from Sharepoint page

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Hi all


Is it possible to hide a title from a sharepoint page?


I cannot get rid of it:





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The homepage of Modern Sites alone comes without the Title area whereas the SitePages we create from the interface always has the Title area which we cannot delete from the browser interface currently. The HomePage however currently do not provide the option to Save as Template. Therefore, One of the quick Out-of-the-box way would be to navigate to the SitePages library and make a copy of the Homepage [Home.aspx] in the same library -> [Click on Copy To Command that will be available on click of 3 dots of the Homepage] and rename the Page as per the need and you could add/customize this page as required and to make use of this template for creating further new pages, you could save this page as template for which the option would be available on clicking edit page -> Save as Template.
Hope this helps.