How to hide "Clear Filter" from SharePoint List View

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Hello All.


Recently MS introduced "Clear Filter" on top right side of list view. It is very annoying, we have create so many different views in different list and dont want to allow user to play with this feature. I know this is permission specific.

MS should some provide  disable or enable this option on site level or list level.


Is there any way to hide this feature using JSON or any other option?





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Hello All,


Has anyone faced this issue and fixed it?


Anyone from MIcrosoft has any update on this?




Hi @Avian 1 ,

You can create a modern page and embed your view into it using the "List" webpart.

In that case the filters are not shown.

This also gives you the possibility to add some text webparts to guide your users and describe what the list is about.

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Hello @SvenSieverding


Thanks for the solution. I already tried it in one of the site.  I also saw same in other thread and other forums.


It seems there is no other solution.


I hope anyone from Microsoft can give any other idea.




@Avian 1 Unfortunately, currently there is no option/setting for enabling or disabling this feature directly in SharePoint default list page.


You will have to use the workaround suggested @SvenSieverding for now to hide the clear filters option.


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I already tried suggestion as suggested by SvenSieverding.

I also saw same url shared by you in this forum

We can only wait.

Hello All,

There are two options I tried to hide "Clear Filter"
1. If your users are not part of Site Collection Administrator permission, they will not see the "Clear Filter" option, however they can see what filter you implemented, but they can not remove filter.
2. Other option is create a SharePoint Group with only view permission, and set this group as in Target Audience option by editing the view by convert classic experience using edit page. Once you set the target audience with view only group thne revert it to modern experience. They will not be see "Clear Filter".

Hope this helps.

Hi @Avian 1,

I have figured it out!

The solution is a lot simpler than custom JSON view formatting.

I was having the same problem where I needed to hide the 'Clear Filters' button, even for users with Edit permissions and higher.


I'm not sure if this is a new feature since this post was made but there is a way to disable the 'Clear Filters' button through a combination of Site Permissions and/or List Permissions (depending on your use cases).


Option 1 - Hide the Clear Filters button for a specific Permission Level across all lists in a Site

If you go to the Site Permissions of the Site that the list belongs too, then Permission Levels.



Then select the permission level that you want to hide the 'Clear Filters' button from - in my case, the Edit Permission group (ignore my custom permission groups).




UNTICK Manage Lists and Save your changes.


Users with the edit permission will now no longer be able to 'Clear Filters' - as seen in the image below, the Filter 'Personal Items' is selected, however, I can still edit in grid mode (Edit permissions), but there is now no 'Clear Filters' button.


Now repeat this process for all permissions levels that you do not wish for those users to be able to 'Clear Filters'


Option 2 - Hide the Clear Filters button for a specific Permission Level for a specific list in a Site

If you just want to apply these changes to a specific SharePoint List in a site and not all SharePoint lists in a site, you will have to disable Inheritance on the SharePoint List and create custom permission levels on the Site level and then associate those custom permission levels to the SharePoint groups in your List permissions.


For example, I have created a custom permission level on my Site called 'Edit items'. I have UNTICKED the Manage Lists option for that permission level.

Next, in my List Permission Settings, I disabled inheritance from parent (the Site).

Then I edited the permission level allocated to the Site Members group for my site and set it from 'Edit' to my custom permission level of 'Edit Items'. Then I saved my changes. 

Essentially, its the same steps as Option 1, but you need to disable inheritance, set up a custom permission level and associate the custom permission level to your desired SharePoint group.



NOTE: I would highly recommend also disabling the permission to allow users to manage personal views. While the users still won't be able to clear the views, it will allow them to create a personal view without the filters from public views (essentially clearing the filter by creating a new personal view).



Hope you find this helpful!

Let me know if you have any questions, happy to help :)