How to handle multi-line field limits in SharePoint Lists

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Hello folks,


I recently created a light ticketing platform for users in my Company using Microsoft Forms, Power Automate and a SharePoint List.

Users fill the Form, describing the incident in a text field, Power Automate creates an item in a SharePoint list accessible by Admins and moves the answers in the relevant column. 
The incident description is stored in a multi-line column.


Here comes the tricky part: multi-line columns approximately have a 68000 characters store capacity, which is actually really bad, since I have already been approaching the threshold after only 60 tickets.
Is there any way I can override this limit like SP libraries do? 
Thank you very much for your suggestions!



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@Emanuele94 I really don't understand the issue here. I built a similar IT support ticketing system with Forms, Power Automate, SharePoint lists and multiple lines of text columns. It's had over 30,000 tickets so far. A multiple lines of text column can have something like 64000 characters, but that's per item, not across all the items in the list! What is happening that makes you think you have reached "the threshold"?


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@Rob_Elliott thank you so much for your response!

I have been noticing the last tickets collected by the Form were actually truncated in the multi-line field, the last part of the text is missing. 

Consulting the documentation and finding out about the 64000 character limit, I panicked thinking the limit was meant across items,  I'm relieved to know it applies to each item, thank you!

I will further investigate the truncated text problem, at least I know it does not depend on field limits.


Thank you Rob!

Make sure you really have set it the column as multiple lines of text and single line of text.