How to generate a SharePoint List to pull users from Office 365?


We have created some great SharePoint lists for deployment purposes and the one SWEET function I would like to see is every time we generate a new SP list, it populates the Name field with users from Office 365 based on the location.  This would allow us to get active user lists instead of manually adding them.


One workaround we know works now is to export the users from Office 365 into a csv file and then import them into the list.  I would like this "process" to happen automatically when the list is created.


Any ideas?

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@Derek Gillespie 


Sounds like you're going to want to create an app for this. Use the MS Graph for the User Info -


@Timothy Balkthanks for the reply.  Taking a few steps back, create an app?  As in Power Apps?  Our environment is completely O365.


@Derek Gillespie Yes, that would be one way. Initiate the creation of the process via a PowerApp - collect the data you need to create the list, then trigger a PowerAutomate workflow to create the list and populate the list with the data from the User Graph API. I think the connector to create the list and pull the user data to the list may be custom connectors and would require some premium licenses to get that accomplished.


So the other app route would be to deploy PnP kind of solution that someone would have to write code to make things happen. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with what it would take to do this.