How to find out which folders has been shared with me in a site?


Dear All,


My company is using SharePoint Sites, They share some folders with me using security groups. I get the invitations to those folders and add them to my one drive however, If I am using a different computer and want to see those folders from I click on SharePoint and all I see is a black page. 


The only way I can open those folders without a link is if I know them by name then I can search them. But by default shouldn't they be listed in my SharePoint portal? 


I would appreciate if anyone can tell me about away to find out which folders/files have been shared with me esp if I don't have the link to them anymore.



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@Mohammed Hamada As you are trying to check the shared contents in the SharePoint home that might not appear. Click on the Waffle on the left-hand side top corner go to the one drive then you souls see the files which are shared with you and under the shared Tab.



Hope this helps.

It didn't really show up. Security group members got only a mail notification when I shared the folder with them but the only way they can access their folders is if they search the folders names from the sharepoint portal. @Vikram_Samal