How to change default sharing permission

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Hi ,

How do i change the default permission when  an item is shared with someone else. It defaults to edit. I want it to default to view:


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This can only be set org wide, the settings are on sharing tab in SharePoint admin center, also in OneDrive. sharepointsharing.JPG

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick response. I did set that and it has no effect on the sharing dialog I showed in my screenshot.  On that admin page the description says it applies only to anonymous access, internal and direct links. 



That's all the sharing link types. You have to wait for it to propagate. If your site is group connected it doesn't follow the same settings. If it's not, give it some time, the setting basically fires of some script at certain intervals to change that on your sites.

Hi @Russell Gove,


Just wanted to check in and see if this was working for you now or if there is still an issue. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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@Stephen Rice I ma also trying to change this setting but even after a day of waiting for it to propagate there is no change to the default sharing permission in my SharePoint.





Hi Paul,

Can you share some screenshots of where you are changing the setting? That will help me debug what is going on here. Thanks!

Stephen Rice
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@Stephen Rice Thank you, here you go. I go into Sharepoint Admin Center, > Policies> Sharing. Whenever I share any libraries with individuals it still uses "Edit" permission as the default.



Thanks Paul! Can you check the site collection sharing settings (under Sites in left nav) and see if the site you're testing has a different value set? Also, is your environment multi-geo by chance? Thanks!

Stephen Rice
Hi Stephen, thank you for your response. the site I am testing uses the same as organization level (View). We the environment is not multi-geo, the option is not available in admin center under Advanced. Cheers!
Thanks for confirming Paul! Next question: Can you share screenshots of the sharing experience where you are seeing the wrong defaults show up? Thanks!

Stephen Rice

@Stephen Rice, absolutely.


I am trying to share a document library with an external client. Library Settings>Permissions for this document library>Grant Permissions, then I add the email addresses of those I want to share with and the default is always edit on this screen. 



I see now that if I share the library using the share icon within the library it defaults to read access. This could be a case of business process that we have to adjust for library sharing by the looks of it.










I have the same problem. I am looking for a solution to change the default "direct access" settings.
By granting permission to an item in the page library, it suggests editing permissions and notify people by default. I have to change them every time.
Is it possible to somehow change these two default settings so that they always suggest as below?


  1. Can edit => Can view
  2. Notify people True => False