How do I customize my SharePoint site?

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I've been asked to make a client's SharePoint site more user-friendly by redesigning it, but I'm not sure of the best way to do that.  I looked at this article on creating a site template: - but that seems to focus more on 'actions' rather than appearance.


Then I looked at customizing themes (, but that looks to be more about colours etc rather than page layouts?


I also looked at Web Parts ( but I'm not sure whether I can use those to template an entire page? (I did have a go at making a web part, but it looks like it's more for an individual page component, is that right?).


I have designs for various page components that the client would like, and a layout for them, so do I need to create Web Parts for the components and then a template for the actual layout, or something like that?

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@SharonGilmore Microsoft deliberately didn't include in SPO a lot of the out-of-the-box customisations that were available with previous on-premise versions. This was to prevent sites potentially getting broken as Microsoft changed features or rolled out new ones. For the customisation you want I think you'll need to learn the SharePoint SPFx which you can read about at


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