How can we link dates (from a file) to SharePoint calendar.

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I have file on SharePoint and SharePoint table, i am looking to add or book a date whenever there is new entry in a file or a table.   

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If you have a file or a table on SharePoint and you want to book a date automatically whenever there is a new entry, you can use Power Automate to create a flow that triggers on item creation and uses the Book a meeting action to schedule a meeting with the relevant people.

Here's a step by step you can follow:

1. In Power Automate, click on Create and select Automated cloud flow.

2. Give your flow a name and choose SharePoint as the trigger. Select When an item is created as the trigger event and click on Create.

3. In the trigger settings, specify the Site Address and List Name of your SharePoint table.

4. Add a new action "Create item" from the SharePoint connector. Specify the site address and list name of your calendar.

5. In the fields section, map the values from the trigger output to the corresponding fields in the calendar item. For example, you can use the Title, Start Time, End Time, Location, and Description fields from the trigger output to fill in the same fields in the calendar item. You can also use expressions or variables to customize the values as needed.

5. In the action settings, fill in the required fields such as Subject, Required attendees, Start time and End time. You can use dynamic content from the trigger to populate these fields based on the item that was created. For example, you can use the Title or Name of the item as the subject, and the Created by email as one of the attendees.

7. Save your flow and test it by creating a new item in your SharePoint file or table. You should see a meeting booked in your SharePoint calendar with the details from the item.

If you get stuck, ping me and I'll provide screenshots :)
Thank you for response, can you please share the screenshots as well.
i looking to just update a calendar so that visitors will know the progress on a event or a project.
(Just like calendar) we are looking to set calendar for our teams' events/projects.
Event Step 1 Step 2 Step3
Event 1 13/04/2033 17/04/2023
Event 2 10/11/2022 11/04/2023 17/04/2023

Show me how far you've got and I'll screenshot/help you with the rest, as I want you to learn and try! :)

I have selected create cloud flow. when item is created and then on the pop-up box i have added the SharePoint link (Site Address) and under List Name added the list where i have dates stored.
and then there an option to add new step,
cannot share screenshot as it is blocked by organization



So now you create a new step called "create item", and choose your site! 


Then under list name, you need to manually write Events to select the list. It  wont show up in the drop down! 


Here you can input start and end date, title etc



i can't see these options.

You need to choose the Events list by typing it. Else you won't see them
Yes, in have added the list and i can only see "Limit Columns by View"
Check at the site that Events exist!