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I have a Modern SharePoint site with custom lists of data.  I included filters on the list and created modern pages and inserted the respective list view on the page.  This works nicely as users cannot see the list toolbar from the page to click on the list filter and choose All items or another view.  But there is this "see all" link that takes them to the page, showing them all the items in their filtered view but also giving them the ability to choose another view.  This does not work for me.  Is there a way to disable or remove or hide "see all" from the list so that users do not interact with it in anyway.  Any feedback appreciated. 

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@joshieboy  I would also like a recommendation for disabling the See All link when adding a list/library app part to a page.  

There is now a button when editing the web part that allows to Show or Hide the "See all" link.

This is great!

@joshieboy @lisaatarian 


Microsoft has recently added a new option to Show/Hide "See all" link in list/library web part property pane settings.


Check below article for detailed steps to Hide "See all " link in list/document library web part on modern pages: Show/Hide See All link from SharePoint list/library web parts

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Is this possible for other widgets? I have the event list widget that has the "see all" button as well, but I would not like to display this link because I want to limit which events can be seen on my site

@jaimiey Unfortunately, this is not available for Events web part yet.


This is available only for modern List and Library web parts.

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We really could use the option to hide the See all link in the Events web part @ganeshsanap.  When do you think it will be added?

@Melissa Liston I am not sure if enabling this feature for Events web part is on roadmap of Microsoft.

So, I cannot comment about when this feature will be available for Events web part.

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I agree that this feature would be very helpful!