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I'm trying to track analytics using the new email templates. My understanding is that you must send the email directly from SharePoint. My use case is this:

- I currently have a distribution list of individuals (about 100) to which I need to send the newsletter
- The newsletter needs to be sent to their existing inboxes (unique email) from a central email
- I want to track individual click rates
- I don’t want to manually type/enter emails/users into the newsletter

- I’ve tried creating a SharePoint group and placing individuals within it but then the group isn’t part of the selection criterion in the To line


Because there are limitations on tracking click rates on email forwards, creating the newsletter and forwarding it is not an option. I tried to create a group, which did not result in the email going to the inbox but to the group and did not track the individual click rate.


Looking for any help solutioning.

Thanks in advance.
Warmly, Tasha

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I need something exactly the same as described by the OP.