Guest user in Sharepoint

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Hello, we are wanting to create a SharePoint site for other external company personnel to be able to share documents. This will need to be a private group with controlled permissions per guest to what folders they can view and upload data.

The above of controlling the data access I am happy I understand. However we have been trying to add a guest member via the Directory, which has partially worked. The guest is visible in the directory and can be found when searching in Teams and added to the Team. The guest can be added to a SharePoint site via e-mail invite, but can not be seen when searching to add members with in SharePoint site itself. Is this correct, as I'm sure when I first tested this last year that I could find the guest that was set up in the directory and add as if they were a member of the company?

Have I missed a setting in the setting up of the guest member or have the permission to add guest members been changes potentially by another admin after I originally tested this?


Thanks for your help, Sarah

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