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It's hard to say when this started, maybe two months ago, but page header images have a gray bar at the bottom of them.  If I un-maximize the browser window, it goes away or if I scroll down at all it shrinks away.  I only see it on my main monitor, not on my laptop monitor.  They both have a resolution of 1920x1080 but my main monitor's scale is set to 100% while my laptop is at 125%.  I'm using Chrome.


I've tried incognito mode, to eliminate browser extensions, tried Edge (though I know they're both Chromium-based) and had one other person confirm they experience it as well.  Is anyone else having this issue?



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Yes, I've been seeing it too - in multiple tenants and in both Chrome and Edge. Until I saw your post, I didn't realize that it wasn't there on my laptop screen! On my large monitor, the gray bar is there. If I drag the screen to my laptop, it isn't.

@Susan Hanley 


I did some research with developer tools and I can see that it's a CSS issue. I'm no expert with CSS, but I can see that there is a difference between the image and the <div> section, which contains the image (and title).  On my main monitor, when I maximize the browser window, there is a CSS "@media screen" property that goes from 228 pixels to 280 pixels.  For the image, the "" CSS has a "height" property that does not change - it stays at 228 pixels.  The <div> doesn't have a height property, so it resizes to 280 pixels.  That's what's creating the gray bar.  I assume that the "@media screen" style is updated by the browser.  No clue why it changes when maximizing on certain screens.


I've opened a ticket with Microsoft with all this info, so maybe they'll make some kind of adjustment to the CSS.


Image Area.jpgImage CSS.jpgDiv CSS.jpg

Great detective work! I'm looking forward to what you learn!
Have you heard anything from Microsoft about this? I have noticed this as well and it's still continuing to this day. Thank you!
Hi Beth. The ticket with Microsoft was escalated to the Product group. I get weekly updates, but nothing yet. From what I understand, they're working on a fix.
We have exactly the same issue here. Thanks for documenting it! We'd love to see it solved, and at least acknowledged by Microsoft as a "known bug".

@Steve Wright Any update on this? And any idea why it would magically show up for a page I created yesterday, but not any other pages on my site?

@DavidWexelblat Microsoft updates me each week and says the hotfix is still with the product group.  They state they acknowledge it's a bug and will be pushing out a fix, but no ETA.


As to why it's only on one page, it does seem to be dependent on the size of the original image.  Even stock Microsoft ones can be affected.

@Ukiman1014 Interestingly, I am using the same stock image on the page I created yesterday as on 6 other pages that I created on Friday, none of which show this problem. And on the thought that it might be the image itself, I tried half a dozen or so random stock images in different categories, all of which show the gray bar on this one page.

Ah well. C'est la vie. Thank you for the update.

That is strange! I don't remember it behaving that way for me. I know that the page had to be displayed maximized on my main monitor. It all boiled down to CSS though, with some of it being determined by the browser. 🤷🏻‍:male_sign:

All part of the mysterious and magical world of SharePoint.

@Ukiman1014 For this misbehaving page, I see exactly the behavior/CSS issue described above - same elements, same differences in the CSS. I haven't yet drilled into the correctly-working pages to see what differences there might be. I'm limited in what I can do, as I'm not any form of admin, just a somewhat-more-tech-savvy-than-ordinary guy creating intranet pages.

Just heard from Microsoft that the Product Engineers won't be deploying a fix for "several months" :(.

@Ukiman1014 OK, thanks for the update.

Thank you for the update! I'm setting a reminder in my calendar to check in again in October! :)