Graph API not returning SharePoint List items columns

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I am using Graph API to get the content of a SharePoint Contacts list. I am using this uri:"$($siteid)/lists/$($listid)/items"


I am then using the id of each item to get the content with this uri:"$($siteid)/lists/$($listid)/items/$($id)"


It is returning the content but if a column is empty on an item it doesn't return that column so each item doesn't return the same number of fields. I would like to return all columns for each item in the list even if they are empty/null. Is there a way to change the uri so all columns are return even if they are empty?

I've tried expand=fields and select the columns I want but it still doesn't return empty columns.

$uri = "$($siteid)/lists/$($listid)/items?$expand=fields

$uri = "$($siteid)/lists/$($listid)/items?expand=fields($select=Title..."

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