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Not sure if this is possible.... but can you FTP files into a SharePoint document library?


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No, however you might be able to FTP to some other location and possibly have a flow tie into it. But out of box no, not possible.
No, but there is a FTP "like" solution you could use for uploading files in your sites using an FTP like approach: https://spfilezilla.codeplex.com/

This program did not work with me, I typed user, password and the link that appears in the browser and only gave error.


Is there any library that has to be installed to work?

You can use a PoSh Provider which will give you a CLI interface to work with SPO.



you can use Flow to perform FTP actions

So we want to share large files with our subcontractors that are too large to email.  Can we put them up in SharePoint somewhere for the subcontractors to access them and download them?  Is it possible for the subcontractors to only see what we want them to see or would they have complete access to all of our company files?

You can control access to the files.

In this scenario I would create separate document libraries for each sub, this makes it easy to control accesss.

I would also recommend using Azure B2B to manage the accounts of the partners/subs.

That's too much work, using the share button on a folder for the sub contractor and "Specific People" would be easiest, then they have to use secure link to access the folders files. If you want to remove access you can just remove the link.

But I guess it depends on how you structure those sub contractors etc.

@Trent Brantley Sorry I know this is an old post, but just wanted to let you know that you can do this with Couchdrop. It integrates SFTP/FTP into SharePoint doc libraries natively. 


Disclosure, I represent Couchdrop.