Format a number column based on values in a different column

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this is likley simple, and I could do it easily in infopath, but since it is no longer supported, i need a different solution. Open to calculated column or power all (I guess--have not found them easy to use).

Here is the scenario:

i am building a leader board based on reported activities.

Column A is a single choice has the activity (G, H, I, J, or K)

Column B is a choice trigger (ie "completed")

when the item is marked as completed, I want the following to happen in column C (which is my numeric column)

If column A = G, insert 1

if column A = H, insert 2

if Column A = I, insert 3



What is the easiest way to do this please/


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@BobbieWinter all you need is a calculated column with the following formula with the data type returned as a number with no decimal places:



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