Filtered (Custom) list views doesn't apply when viewing in SharePoint mobile app

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I have a custom view setup with some filters defined (on a couple of columns). This view is set to default for desktop and mobile view. 

It works fine on desktop view of SPO. But when viewed in the mobile app (both iOS and Andiord), the full list displays, i.e. as if the filter in the custom view didn't work or wasn't applied. 

Is this a bug with the mobile app?

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I think the Mobile View settings for Views only apply when viewing your list using a mobile browser instead of the SharePoint mobile app. The SharePoint Mobile app doesn't seem to take these settings into account (yet?)...

If this is the case, how can the list be restricted based on the logged user? If it's not possible, can we at least disable the SharePoint mobile app access to certain site collections @Paul Pascha 

@Wids-233Are you talking about permissions here? List Views should not be used to restrict access. You should restrict access by granting the required permissions to your content. Permissions will then be taken into account when browsing the contents in the mobile app.

@Paul Pascha You cannot assign all required permissions through permissions levels. For instance when the view should just show the items that are Modified by [Me], there are lots of different scenarios that cannot be handled by permissions levels. 

I think this a huge security concern when SharePoint Mobile app simply ignores filters on the view!


Seconded. A little late but nothing has changed.
I can no longer use the Sharepoint App.
I've just been really embarrassed. Our coaches enter timesheets in Sharepoint.
There is no way to permission lists so they only see their own items. Apart from setting up a View so that CREATED field is set to [ME} like you mention. This works fine in web pages and their permission levels stop them creating new views. Perfect. 
I just discovered that using the App they can view all other coach's timesheet entries. 
Cancel this app until it works. Or until you can apply the same permission levels to viewing items in a document library that you can for a list item.
Trash. So disappointed