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Hi all,


I'm experiencing some strange behaviour on document libraries within a specific SharePoint Online site, which I'm hoping someone can help me resolve.

Prior to today, users have been able to upload files to these libraries and then use the 'properties' section of the Details Pane to apply required metadata to their uploaded file.


The files are still uploading successfully but when a user now attempts to apply metadata, using either the Details Pane or the 'Edit in Grid View' option, the file disappears from view.


This issue isn't affecting any of our other sites and wasn't happening on this particular site until today.


Any advice or suggestions to resolve the issue will be much appreciated.



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@Matt9915 Did some from your team enable content approval settings for your document library? If yes, you can disable it from Library settings > Versioning settings: 

ganeshsanap_0-1682158417885.pngIf this is not the issue, check if there are any filters applied on library view you are using which might hide the files from library view.


OR if there is any Power automate flow added on your document library which is moving/deleting files from document library.

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@ganeshsanap - Thanks for the reply/suggestions. Much appreciated.


The problem has affected document libraries on this specific site since around last Thursday evening. None of the affected libraries have had Content Approval enabled and none of them have been filtered. There are no power automate flows running on the libraries in question.


Prior to last Thursday, users could upload a file and complete the metadata columns via either the Details Pane or 'Edit in Grid View'. Now they can upload a file, and it appears as the top item in the library (which it should) but when the user accesses either the Details Pane or 'Edit in Grid View' the file disappears from view. It remains in the library, but can only be traced via the file type and created/created date (because no other metadata has been applied).


The problem only seems to be affecting libraries on this particular site. Similar libraries on other sites are allowing users to apply metadata to uploaded files as normal.