File Upload/Download Errors

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I'm having two quite debilitating issues with SharePoint.


The first is that large downloads always fail, showing a 'The Archive "_____" is empty" error or "Unable to expand (Error 79 - Inappropriate file type or format.)" error message. I've tested this on multiple accounts and on multiple files (screenshot attached). This might be an issue with how SharePoint tries to compile the ZIP file? The downloaded ZIP files aren't 'empty' in the sense that they show the correct file size in Explorer or Finder, but over a certain size they're guaranteed to be corrupt.


The second is that when uploading files that already exist in the folder you're uploading to, the file needs to upload fully before it gives you a 'Replace' message, then has to upload again. I've read that this is by design, but this is problematic when dealing with the sort of files our team deals with (large TIF files and MP4 files).

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I've discovered that the ZIP file extract issue occurs when zipping folders and files, but doesn't occur if zipping the files within a folder only. Am I the only person having this issue?