External users accessing Sharepoint


I have a folder within Sharepoint which I would like to share with a number of Users who do not have company email addresses or company ms accounts. Is this possible or will I have to purchase MS accounts for these Users? 

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Yes. It's possible to Share Content from SharePoint with Microsoft Live Account or without Account as well.


Please refer to official documentation to do as below: 


If you want to share folder without any account and with password then make sure that you enable external sharing with below settings in SharePoint Admin Center




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Hi @kalpeshvaghela ,


I got the same issue as OP. However I've enabled sharing in the sharepoint admin center for the whole organisation and for the specific team I want to enable sharing for everyone in. However the "anyone with this link"-button is still disabled. Both, in sharepoint and in any employees OneDrive. 


Is there some bug right now, preventing this option to propagate?




Edit: I'll add some screenshots here.


Edit2: I've tried this with teams pages and with a non teams page.




With below settings at organization level from SharePoint Admin Center worked for me.





And when you have updated this settings? sometime it takes some time (24 hours) to apply it at organization level?


Thanks for the info about the time. I updated it about 9 hours ago. I'll check again tomorrow.


Edit: It's now about 24h later and the settings now applied. I can now share the links that are generated.