Excel files stuck at "Saving"


Have a sharepoint in testing mode and when some testers and even myself open a file (we are set to where it automatically opens in excel and not the web version), make changes and click on the save icon, there are times where it gets stuck in "Saving" and sometimes it goes to "Saved".  On those times it is stuck, they click the X and the warning msg comes up "We've saved your changes locally, but we can't upload your changes to the server right now.  We'll retry uploading them the next time you open this file." Then they are given the chance to "Close File" or "Cancel" and cancel simply makes them wait and I've seen it not change at all... so they are forced to "Close file"


Seems if the initial user goes immediately back in, the local file then uploads and saves and if the initial user then exits the file with no other changes, all is good.


However, if the initial user does not immediately reopen the file and someone else opens the file (and they DO see the changes - this was tested) before the initial user has the chance to open/save, and the 2nd user then makes changes and saves, when the initial user opens, they will get an error saying they were not able to upload because they are unable to merge changes made by the other user.  At that point they are given the option to "Save a Copy" or "Discard my Changes".


If we have to tell all users to

A - monitor the "saving" / "saved"

     1 - if the file sticks on "saving"

          a- close the file with the X and select "close file"

          b- immediately reopen the file, watch the "saving" move to "saved" and close the file without making any changes

     2 - if the file goes from "saving" to "saved" you can close the file normally with the X and do nothing else


guarantee we will be told to move the files off sharepoint and go back to maintaining the files on the network drive and send emails back and forth and run into issues of people not sending the last file, etc.


Anything that can be done?  Already tried on my computer the clearing out of cache and temp files on browser








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We see this all the time in Excel with a SharePoint document library synchronised using OneDrive. Despite the time, the whole Office->OneDrive->SharePoint system is flaky.


Get the same issue, particularly using excel. Difficult to ask users to keep an eye on the "saving" status, when the whole idea of onedrive is for seemless syncing.

Our issue is that for some reason the auto save and one drive / SharePoint were conflicting so we had to disable the auto save for the files. Since Auto Save is an excel option and not an actual file option we had to think outside the box and with the help of multiple help sites, etc we were able to get the below to work on the workbook_open() under "ThisWorkbook" in VBA...
Dim AutoSv As Boolean
If Val(Application.Version) > 15 Then
AutoSv = ActiveWorkbook.AutoSaveOn
'MsgBox "AutoSave set to: " & AutoSv
If AutoSv Then ActiveWorkbook.AutoSaveOn = False
AutoSv = ActiveWorkbook.AutoSaveOn
'MsgBox "AutoSave now set to: " & AutoSv
End If

By doing this, we found that when they went to save we did not see the issue and did not require each person to go into excel and change auto save to no as a default. Hope this helps....

This is only a small snipit from the code as we also disabled the "Save As" and key strokes to avoid users from downloading or save as to local drives to avoid multiple copies of files floating around. Needed them to be able to update so could not do read only and due to the VBA needed them to open in actual excel and not the web version (would not run VBA). Overall, had to learn a decent amount of coding but our particular process went rather well.

We also have the same issue. Is there any way of getting microsoft to respond to this. I imagine 50% of the sharepoint-excel-mapped-sharepoint-drive-community have had similar massive frustrations with this issue @AOSPWB