Error when using an URL for document template in Content Type

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Does anyone know the correct format to use in URL for a template under Advanced settings?

Example URL format used : /sites/contentTypeHub/Shared Documents/NajroCustomTemplate.pptx

When this option is used for mapping template to CT, this will fail when trying to use the new CT (distributed via content type hub)  from another site and library. Have tried to store document both in library within CT hub and external library. Everyone have full read access to template library.

Checking with dev tools and console output in brower, the method /_api/web/GetList(@a1)/CreateDocumentAndGetEditLink throws an exception complaining of parameters for template.

Uploading a template directly to the CT works fine (also distributed via CT hub) but I would like to have a central location for the Templates. This worked fine in on-premise long time ago.

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Hi Örjan!

As far as i know You must upload the Document template to each Content Type when You are using the Content Type hub. Unfortunately It is not possible to "Centralize" the document templates in one Document library and refer to them in SharePoint Online.


Here are some more info:



BR, Magnus

I hope they add this asap, this is an important requirement for us.

Are there any News for this topic? 

I´m facing the sam problem right now

Unfortunately not...
We have same requirement. Voted in Uservoice.
As I saw yesterday, you can now link to a template via url and thus edit these templates directly without having to upload them again. Is it that what u were missing?

@Andre Radtkecan you give more information about how you can link templates and from where?

I've tested this and it is only possible to add a link to a library in the current site collections. So no central place for template management for all templates of all site collections. Even not in the content type hub. (check error message in screenshot)

Sorry Melanie, I missunderstood the functionality and I checked where I stored my Word Template and it was the sitecollection for the contenttype hub itself. So I understood that you like to use a central place (maybe intranet) where your templates are stored which is not the contenttypehub´s site. I tried it with another site and it really does not work - SORRY! :\

@Andre Radtke It only worked for me this way:


a page other than the contentypehub itself does not seem to work.

I'v tried uploading the templates to the content type hub but when using that content type in another site collection, and creating a document will result into "blank page: Untitled"
Oh, okay, I'll have to test that as well and will provide feedback if I experience the same behavior.

@Melanie_O365-SPO I am geting also a about:blanc page... seems to be a bug ?!? 🤷‍:male_sign::see_no_evil_monkey:

Hi. Im new to using templates like this. I am currently just uploading, however we have stored our templates in a folder on the same sharepoint teams site where we want to use the templates. What type of link works for directly connecting the SP sites template to a folder location on the same SP site? Can this be the sharing link (existing access type)?

Also we are not use a .dotx, does this matter. We are using docx.