Error during a migration SP 2013 to SPO (ErrorCode: 0x0207000A)

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  I am using version of the SharePoint migration tool.  I am using the default settings when creating a migration job. I am trying to migrate one collection site with several subsites (total 44) with a total space of 2486 MB. The task stopped because of an unexpected internal error, ErrorCode: 0x0207000A with the next information:

- Total items scanned: 5946, Items with scan issues: 0
- Items migrated: 2152 out of 5946
- Bytes migrated: 655.09 MB out of 1.85 GB
The percentage completed was 57%.

I ask, for the error 0x0207000A, what is it meaning? I tried several times with the same result.

Pablo G.
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