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Does anyone have a recommendation to drive employee engagement through gamification? I'm reviewing products and can't find much. I want content views, follows, alerts to be tracked automatically and populate points on a leaderboard. We don't have any interactive features except page comments (at the department's discretion) so contributing content isn't a path to success. We have but don't leverage Yammer, use Teams a lot in silos, but I'm trying to draw audiences to the SharePoint Online intranet.

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Gamification is great idea, especially within SharePoint and Power plattform.
But first you need to prerequisites before you can start driving gamification. As engagement of SharePoint isn't usually reached by Gamification but having a modern intranet that is structured towards the user.  What you want to use gamification in SharePoint is for teaching users how to do stuff! 


For example you want a modern Intranet portal, which give the users both information from the Organisation but also personalized information such as their news, their sites, their documents. So that the user feels that they are receiving relevant information.


You also don't want to overwhelm the user with way to much information on the portal or a news flow that's 20 new articles a day.


For example most of my larger clients which has faced a similar issue have gotten an increase of 600-1300% of sustained visitation of the intranet and interaction by modernizing the portal, having a correct structure and making it easy to find stuff as well as using Viva connection to access the portal from Teams. 



  • How old is your intranet, when what the last time you had an overhaul?
  • Are you using Viva Connections ?
  • How have you structured the Intranet currently? To drive engagement you want it to be more personalized, have the ability to create news, comment etc
Thanks for your detailed response, Nicholas. We migrated to SPO last year. We have about 300 department sites with various levels of maturity. Some teams have great sites, some barely have time to curate documents. These teams post their department's news and comms posts global news (although it's not propogated to sites or tagged in a corporate news centre). We're a diverse global company, so there are widely disparate interests/roles. I wish we could target audiences but our AD doesn't have the demographics and we have 8 ADs amongst various global offices.
We use Viva connections to link to the intranet from Teams.

I'm responsible for staff training so I'm pretty interested in those tips. I've been focused on the content contributors but I'm switching gears to a self-serve course for users. I've embedded learning pathways into pages but it's not sufficient nor stand alone. I'm not even sure it's worth the distraction with its own navigation, TBH, even embedded module by module.