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I keep getting emails from some email address removed for privacy reasons saying my order is on its way but I can't reply???

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Sorry but what has this got to do with SharePoint?

Not sure. Was trying to find some support & thats where I ended up. Whats this share point thing then anyway. I really idea. Ive found nuthin user-friendly about this Microsoft stuff. And ya can'talk to anyone when ya need support@RobElliott 

And obviously this ain't it lol. Cya then

I have been getting a lot like that lately. The text on them is like this. 8 copied this from 2

Mi cr os oft account Secu rity code Pl ease use t he fo llow ing s ecu rity code fo r th e Micr osoft acc ount mailto:email address removed for privacy reasons Security co de: 5242580 If you don't rec og ni ze th e Mic roso ft acco unt mailto:email address removed for privacy reasons, you can click here to r em ove your email add re ss from that ac cou nt. Thanks, The Mi cro so ft account team


I have a lot from different senders but read the same.