Dynamic 'People directory' in SharePoint - list or web part

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I am creating a SharePoint site and we want to include a people directory which includes everyone from our department (who will be the 'members' of this SharePoint site). Ideally, I want a list to auto-populate itself from this members group so it is dynamically changing as new people join and leave.

We would want the majority of info to be what is stored in office 365 anyway (name, email, picture etc.) but would also want another column or two to include a short bio and list of skillsets etc. 


Is this possible at all? And how would I go about doing this if so?


I also really like the look of the 'People' web part to have this on our home page, but haven't figured out a way to display this dynamically either (populated from this list, preferably). Is this a pipe dream?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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@misce if you're still trying to create this - 


I have this same need for our full organizational directory in list form, but for what you are asking for on a department level I found a solution.


Use the "Org Chart" webpart. It will ask you for one person's same then give you an option of how many levels above/below that person you want to show. I've found it useful to put in a manager, which auto-populates their supervisor (the director) and then all of the manager's direct reports. This is a handy way to create a limited dynamic departmental people list - which doesn't need to be updated when the department staff changes.


This of course is assuming someone at the org is populating the SharePoint people database correctly with report-ups. And unfortunately you can't add custom fields like bios. That would be something you'd need to turn on at an enterprise level I believe to both create/designate the field and then program it to show on one of the views of people's bio cards within webparts. 

@andrev5 Thank you for the response. Yes, I had found this feature but unfortunately it didn't work for our needs. We're quite a large service and so only one 'line' as it were is a bit too limited. I tried making a page with multiple of those org charts eg. head of service then all their direct reports and then their direct reports etc. but there was no way to make it look good and it ended more confusing than helpful. C'est la vie, perhaps it is a job for a powerapp or something instead.