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Dear Community, 

I recently set up a Microsoft Flow with a connection to Adobe Sign. Basically whenever a document is signed there, it creates a document and drops it into the Drop Off library in the Sharepoint i set up. In the Content Organiser section, i set up some rules so that these files would be redirected to the specified folders based on a naming convention agreed with my team. The rules work fine and the items are redirected. The issue is, they sit in the Drop Off Library until i go in and manually submit them to trigger the rules. 

My question is, is there a way that once it drops into the "Drop Off Library", it can automatically trigger the rules so i dont have to do it manually each time? The whole purpose of doing this was to save the team time when uploading documents. 


I hope there is an easy way to do this




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@RobPeace you could have a second flow and use the SharePoint trigger when a file is created (properties only) and select your dropoff library. You'd then get the filename and using either conditions or a switch control move it to the appropriate folder. 


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Hi @robElliot. I think I tried this before and couldn't get it to work. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to Power Automate. I can set up simple things, but when it comes to the conditions and switch control etc I really struggle getting it to work. Is there no way in the settings on SharePoint to get this to work?