Dragging files from ZIP folder leads to 0 byte file without warning

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Hi all,


Many of our users tend to open an unzipped folder and drag PDF files from there directly to SharePoint Online. Previously, they would receive an errorwarning, but now they don't anymore. So they think the file is stored correctly, but when they later want to open it, they can't.


I know that if you sync your SharePoint folder and perform the same action, it does work, but syncing has been turned off for our company. 


Is there any way that we can make sure the end user receives a notification when addinga 0 byte file to a library? I know I can work with Power Automate, but we will have over 10.000 libraries and we would rather not manually add flows to each library :)


Thanks in advance! 


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@MerelBI Unfortunately I can't help you with your request, but we also have the problem that files from zipped files cannot be uploaded.
We didn't disable sync, so it can serve as a workaround, but it's not really nice either.

We are also facing this issue. Allot of files ending up corrupt/0byte without any warning to the uploading user.

Interested in any workaround on the topic. Thanks.