Document sharing "Suggestion Only" mode

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Is there a way to Share a document in SharePoint Online with Suggestion Only?  Not Can Edit or Can View.

I have users telling me that the feature was there and now it's not.  I do not recall having that option.

Open a document in Word

Click the Share option on the top right

Enter the person to share with

Choose Share option (Only gives Can Edit and Can View)


Am I missing something?



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There has never been a "Suggestion only" mode . There is a new "Open in read only mode" . 


I don't think you are missing anything. 



@Andrew Hodges 

Thank you!  I appreciate the quick response!

Hi @Capt_Ron,


You're actually in luck! We have just started rolling out a new feature for Word files called "Open in Review Mode". When selected from the link settings page, recipients are only allowed to make comments and suggest changes (via the track changes feature). They cannot approve their own changes to the doc. 


This is rolling out now and if your organization has it, it will show up in the share dialog in OneDrive web or SharePoint web (with the other endpoints coming soon!). Hope that helps!


Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive