Document Sets - Metadata

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Hello all :waving_hand:


I've recently discovered document sets and think they will work very well for a process we carry out at the firm I work for. I've managed to get all the document sets features set up, as well as the content types. I have my document sets currently enabled so it assigns product and a data identifier (different to created date) metadata to every file in the set. I've given it some template files too.


My issue comes when assigning another metadata column, not inherited from the document set. This metadata column assigns a document type each document in the set and needs to be set by the user.


This works fine for documents added after creation of the document set but the templates seem to keep 'loosing' the metadata assigned to them. Interestingly, when opening a template in an app (e.g. Word), the metadata does display.


I assume I've got something set up wrong with my templates in the document set but can't work out what. Any assistance gladly received :raising_hands:


PS Apologies, not able to share screenshots yet as I can't log in to the community hubs on my corporate device, so posting from my personal to get the ball rolling in the hope somebody else has had this issue and knows how to resolve it!!

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