Document ID link to video plays without captions or transcript, unlike share link to same video

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Alright. This is a bit odd. I have a series of MP4s on SharePoint. If I generate a share link to a video, the user sees the video, the transcript, and the option for captions. That's good - that's what I want.


I recently enabled Document IDs to get durable links to SharePoint content. I am using those Document ID-based links as the link in my LMS (Moodle). When the user clicks the Document ID-based link, the video does open, but there is no option to enable captions and there is no transcript. In fact there is no page context - it's just the video, floating in a sea of black.


How do we generate a Document ID/durable link that presents the video in the same way as a share link? It should also show the caption, transcripts, and everything else I'd expect from a share link.

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