Disable email notifications for a document in Sharepoint

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Is there a way to turn off email notifications for a specific document or documents in a library?  I have documents that I created but I am no longer a part of and I continue to receive email alerts anytime the document changes by someone else.  I do not have "alert me" set up in the document library or on the document(s) themselves.  It seems to be a default thing that I would like to be able to remove. 

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You need to ask someone with access to the library to disable any alert configure there
I have full access to the library. I don't see an option to do that.
Is the alert run by a workflow or a list rule?
no, nothing is set up for it.
Is there an option in the email to unsubscribe? It sounds as though there has been a workflow set up to notify the creator or Owner of changes to documents
next alert I get, I will look to see.
Let me know the contents of the email that should give some idea of where it's coming from