Diffrent permissions on same site

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I have a SharePoint where some parts need to be Public, and some Private/Confidential to Members only. Especially the main page shall be Public, and the Notebook shall be Private. But I'm failing to configure this.


Selecting the entire SharePoint as Private I'm not able to change permission on the main page to Public. Even though permission for site asset Home.aspx show as Read for Visitors, non Members can not access the SharePoint main page.


Doing the opposite, selecting the the entire SharePoint as Public, I'm not able to stop inheriting permissions to the Notebook (I manage for the Document folder, not for the Notebook). Also I have removed all view access of the Notebook for group Visitor, only keeping Edit rights for Members. But when I make the entire SharePoint as Public, it appears all employee of the company are automatically treated as Members, even though not listed in the Members section they can still open the Notebook.


Note I do not want to give access by explicitly enter users or create links, I want it to work with permissions (since this applies to hundreds of users).

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You can break the permission of the onenote, check under site assets!

@NicolasKheirallah could you give a more detailed description/screenshot, since I can not find it there.



So you need to Save the notebook to be able to see it, like creating a section



@NicolasKheirallah Thx, but that page I have already found. But from there, how to break permissions? That's what I cant find and would appreciate a screenshot of. It's not available from Manage Access > Advanced. And I have already removed Visitor access from the Notebook in that view (under Manage Access).





You don't have this ?  As you should be able to break permission here and then remove the group



@NicolasKheirallah No, not for the Notebook I can not find it, only for documents, like an Excel file.




And although it may be interpreted as not needed on the Notebook (it already have "unique permissions"), as soon as I set the SharePoint as Public, everyone in the company get full Edit rights of the Notebook, and I can not stop it! The person in the test below is NOT added to the "Member" list, only a random employee in the company.



Remove the member group from that notebook. When you break permissions it copies the original permissions groups. Group members are in the Member group with Edit permission.

@NicolasKheirallah If I remove Members from the Notebook, won't that also remove the Edit rights for my real members, those that I have manually added to the Members Group and that I still want to have Edit rights?


I only want to delete View/Edit from Visitors (who become fake Members when I make the site Public).


Do you mean that once I have deleted Members Group from the Notebook permission I need to explicitly share the Notebook to each of my real group members, so they can still access it?