Delete the "Shared with us" link on navigation menu for modern sites

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Hi everyone!


I've tried to remove the lin on the navigation bar called "Shared with us". It appears whenever it wants and disappear...


I've read many posts but it looks that no one have tried or want to remove this link. Why? Help!

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@gbartumeu Hello, If you change the List experience on library advance configuration, you can delete "Shared with us" link.

@daguirreChanging the List experience to Classic gets rid of many desirable things as well as the tedious "Shared with us" menu item

yeah this is certainly an example of horrible UX design by Microsoft, the "Shared with us" menu item injects itself into a random spot in the menu when you are in a document library. Not able to modify position or remove, wtf.


Looks like customisation is the only path,



@daguirre Unfortunately going to Classic Experience compromises the experience. There needs to be an easy way to disable/hide "Shared with us" link. There is a UserVoice request for this with over 100 votes:

@Warwick Wardagreed. It's as invasive and annoying as the old "Recent" menu item that MS thought was a good idea. And the fact that it can't be configured to not show is just ridiculously poor product design.

@gbartumeu Unfortunately, and also amazingly, deleting obsolete "Shared With Me" files from Office 365 still does't seem possible, as of February 2021.  I had logged in OneDrive business at work with my personal account, then everything got mashed up, and cannot be fixed ever since.


It appears SharePoint to OneDrive Business, OneDrive Personal, once those are stored somewhere, you can't never get rid of them. What a horrible design the users can't programatically delete these obsolete links. 


I will check with Microsoft Office Support to see if they are aware why this long-outstanding bug is outstanding over 3 years, and may people complian about it (a reason why I won't bother using much on personal stuff with OneDrive.).




@Warwick Ward 


Agreed - and still it's there, over a year after you wrote this.

Incredible, the horrible left bar with this annoying "shared with us" menu and the behavior of auto collapsible sublinks that can't be changed.
I hate new experience Sharepoint but it is hard to go back to classic.