Default groups in SharePoint Online - All Users (windows), Everyone, Everyone except external users

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Hi All,


When I go the this url, sitename/_layouts/15/groups.aspx


I can see it lists down the default groups (owners, members, visitors) but I can see below additional entries:

  • All Users(windows)
  • Everyone
  • Everyone except external users 

Please can anyone help me understand the impact if the above entries are deleted, or what is the purpose why Microsoft is adding them by default?



Any inputs or references are appreciated.



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Hello @JinT 


the URL /_layouts/15/groups.aspx will show you an overview with all users and groups, they have permission to the site, an list/library or an element, direct or oven an other group.


The URL /_layouts/15/user.aspx will show you the effective permissions on your site. On top you have the option check permission, checkt, where the group have access.


If you delete a user from the group, you can't see the user under /_layouts/15/user.aspx, but you can see it under  /_layouts/15/groups.aspx, but he has no permissions.


Hope this help.


Best, Dave

Hi Dave, thanks for the response but I am already aware of the information you shared with me.

I need to understand the impact of deleting the mentioned claims/attribute.


Hello @JinT


i guess if you remove them at the site level, you won't have any other impact. If you add them again at a later time, they will be listed again. 


My recommendation: Test it!


Best, Dave

Hey Dave,

I have already tried it, removing is simple as it sounds but adding back is not, because when you have to add it you need to create a group which makes no sense to me. The object which we delete is not the same when you add it back so they both are different.

It does have some impact but I can't find any details or documentation. For e.g. when you delete the entities the error page is different if users don't have access, this is one area where probably the permissions are required to show/display SharePoint resources even when you dont have access.
On similar lines which other areas are impact, may be sharing links or something similar.

Really appreciate your help and inputs but need some solid supporting evidence to be frank.