Custom Themes No Longer working

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There seems to have been an update to SharePoint and now all our custom site themes are no longer working whenever it is set to our theme it reverts back to a white page:


Even though the current selected theme is showing as correct with the dark background:



Is this a known issue at the moment?

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Did you maybe find a way to solve the problem?
I have the same issue with my communication site.
Just create a new theme and make sure that IsInverted is true.

Add-SPOTheme -Name $themeName -Palette $palette -IsInverted:$true -Overwrite
That solve my problem.
I've got the same problem which seemed to start mid last week, possibly Thursday 18th. We have a custom theme set and suddenly the theme defaults back to normal. If I check themes the custom theme looks to be active, if I select the theme again and save it, the theme changes correctly but upon refresh of the page it is removed again.

@Adrian Harper  I have the same issues.. even when I recreate my custom theme and put the IsInverted as true if fix some of the pages yet some other ones don't adapt the scheme. it will do it when I save, then after refresh it goes back..

@Watch1976 Is this new for you too? Our company theme has worked perfectly for the last years, it is only since last week that it no longer applies.

@Adrian Harper So what I had to do is unhide my out of the box Themes through powershell and then resubmit my custom theme wit the true value and now it's working.. Hope this helps.

Same, as soon as we reuploaded the theme with IsInverted:$true it has worked.
Worked like a charm! Thanks Stan!

@Stanley1987 i can confirm this worked setting -IsInverted = true

We received at the end of last week from MS support:

the issue was identified later to be caused due to a Service Interruption that occurred from Microsoft with the refence ID SIE | SP419830 and some of the other clients were also affected by this issue. However the Service has been restored.


Hence, please note that the feature should now work even if the new theme is set to IsInverted=False. 

@Adrian Harper 


I have the same issue.