Creating Cascaded fields in SharePoint

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Hi all,


I have a requirement where I should create a cascading field in SharePoint online. I have two fields one is city and other one is state. If I select city from dropdown, then automatically state should fetch for respective city. 

For eg: -

If I select city as Bangalore, then State - Karnataka

If I select city as Chennai, then State - Tamil Nadu 


Can anyone help me out how to do this?

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Hi @Rajath_Krishna 


in that case you need to create two lists and a lookup column.

1) Create a new list "Cities" with the columns Title (for the city name) and State (Type Text, for the State)

2) Enter your cities and states there.



3) Create another list (the list you want to work with)

4) On that list create a new column of type "Lookup"


5) Name that colum "City" and select the "Cities" List as a source.


6) Select "Title" of the "Cities" list als the column for the values to be displayed in the Dropdown
7) Click "More Options" and select "State" as an additional column


8) Now you get 2 new columns in your list: "City" and "City:State"

But you just have to select the City in the dropdown and the value of the "City:State" column is set automatically.


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