Creating a teams channel does not create sharepoint folders

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Hi Everyone,

I have a power automate flow that creates a teams site and teams channels once triggered. Each team is provisioned alongside its own SharePoint Site. Once channels are created, the flow copies over folders from a pre-defined SharePoint site to this new site. The problem is flow works great in DEV and I have had no problem creating channels and copying over folders, however when we deployed to the clients environment the flow created the site and channels properly in teams but the channel folders weren't created in the SharePoint site so when the flow tries to copy over the folders from the source site to the new site, it cant find the folders. I also manually created a channel in one of the teams and it didn't create a folder in the sp site. When I attempt to "Open in Sharepoint" from teams, it gives me a pop up with the following message:

"We are setting up your file directory.

Try refreshing the page after a few minutes or check back later."


Anyone have any insight on this? Could this be because of permissions? Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @Consultantlk06 

Did you manage to solve the issue? I am facing the same problem when using built-in templates; channel folders are not created unless you go to the channel and click the Files tab.

How to force it to create folders for channels?