Creating a Calculated Column using Existing Document Properties

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Hi Folks!


I am trying to implement a standard naming convention for our documents by using existing document properties.

Basically, I would like to create a new (Calculated) Column called DNS using the following formula:


=[Field1] & " - " & [Field2] & " - " & [Field 3]


Field1 is the Project_ID (Managed Metadata] inherited from the folder
Field2 is the File_Number column (Managed Metadata] inherited from the folder
Field3 is the Name column (document name) entered by the user

Here are my issues:

   1. None of the Managed Metadata fields/columns are available in the column list

   2. The Name column which I assume is the standard column for all content type is not displayed as well....


Is there a way around these problems?


Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated and would make its way to Santa's favorite list.... :)


Thank you in advance and regards,



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